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Navy ships


Navy arms


Aircraft carrying cruisers

Project 1143.5 Heavy aircraft carrying cruiser "Admiral Kuznetsov"

Project 1143 Heavy aircraft carrying cruiser "Krechet"
Missile cruisers

Project 1144 Heavy missile cruiser "Kirov"

Project 1164 Missile cruiser "Atlant"

Project 941 Heavy strategic missile undersea cruiser "Shark"

Project 667.BDR and 667.BDRM Strategic missile undersea cruiser

Project 671.RTM Nuclear submarine "Pike"

Project 971 Multipurpose nuclear submarine "Pike-B"

Project 949 Cruise missile undersea cruiser "Granite"

Project 945 Cruise missile undersea cruiser

Project 636 Amur diesel electric torpedo submarine
Landing ships

Project 1232.2 Air cushion landing craft "Bison"

Project 1171 Large landing ship "Tapir"

Project 1174 Large landing ship

Project 1209 Air cushion landing assault boat

Project 775 Large landing ship

Project 904 Small landing ship-ekranoplan

Project 956 Destroyer "Sarich"

Project 56 Destroyer "Quiet"
Escort ships

Project 11540 Multipurpose escort ship

Project 1135.6 Escort ship

Project 1135, 1135.1 and 1135M Escort ships

Project 10412 Escort ship
Antisubmarine ships

Project 1134.B Large antisubmarine ship

Project 1155 and 1155.1 Antisubmarine ships

Project 61 Antisubmarine ship

Project 133.1M Small antisubmarine ship

Project 1241.2 Antisubmarine ship "Lightning-2"

Project 1145 Small antisubmarine ship "Falcon"

Project 1124 Small antisubmarine ship "Albatross"
Missile ship and boat

Project 1239 Air cushion missile craft "Sivuch"

Project 1234.1 Small missile ship

Project 1241 Missile boat

Project 903 Missile ship-ekranoplan "Lun"

Project 1242.1 Missile boat
Patrol boats

Project 133 Patrol boat "Antaress"

Project 10410 Patrol boat "Svetlyak"

Project 12150 Patrol boat

Project 14310 Patrol boat
Replenishment ships

Project 1941 Communication ship "Ural"

Project 1559.V Naval replenishment tanker

Project 852 Oceanographic research ship

Project 14613 Firefighting boat
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