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Ka-50 "Black Shark" Single-Seat Combat Helicopter
Ka-50 "Black shark" possesses unique air characteristics, powerful arms and precision system of prompting. Ka-50 is unique helicopter in the world, capable within 12 hours to hang in air on one place.
Format: Windows Media
Videoclip on materials of film "Helicopters of firm "Kamov" (studio "Wings of Russia"). The beautiful staff of piloting of this magnificent helicopter will leave nobody indifferent.
Time: 3 m 53 s
Size: 13,8 MB
MiG-31 Interceptor Fighter
The MiG-31 is intended for use in an air defense system, is capable to carry out long patrol and to combat all classes of the aerodynamic purposes, including small cruise missiles, helicopters and high-altitude supersonic aircrafts at any time, under any weather conditions...
Format: Windows Media
Video images show preparation of a fighter for a start, well and, certainly, flight MiG-31.
Time: 5 m 15 s
Size: 18,6 MB
Su-37 Multirole Fighter
Videoclip from a collection of holding "Sukhoi". Magnificent video shootings in air and on the ground, showing Su-37 in all beauty!
Format: XVID
The size of a clip has been optimized in comparison with the original.
Time: 3 m 14 s
Size: 13,2 MB
Su-35UB Multirole Fighter
Videoclip from a collection of holding "Sukhoi". In a videoclip the plane shows on the ground and in air. There is staff of his arms which should install horror in the potential opponent.
Format: XVID
The size of a clip has been optimized in comparison with the original.
Time: 3 m 11 s
Size: 16,5 MB
Festival of flight groups 2004
Known videoclip in which the flight groups participated in festival are presented. Superb picked up video in a combination to rhythmical music allows to name this clip one of the best.
Format: XVID
Beautiful flights of flight groups...
Time: 3 m 35 s
Size: 13,7 MB
Be-200 Multi-Purpose Amphibian
The Be-200 amphibious arcraft is designed to fight forest fires, to transport passengers and cargoes, to carry out search-and-rescue operations.
Format: DIVX 5.0
The clip gives representation about opportunities of Russian amphibian.
Time: 3 m 45 s
Size: 11,7 MB
Flight groups " Russian Knights " and "Swifts"
Flight groups "Swifts" and "Russian Knights" are the most known flight groups of Russia. Owing to the numerous successful demonstrations in foreign countries and on the Native land "Russian Knights" and "Swifts" lift authority of the Russian aviation in the world.
Format: DIVX 5.0
Joint group piloting on 9 fighters.
Time: 1 m 19 s
Size: 5,6 MB
Be-12 Amphibian
In the middle of 60th years the Be-12 anti-submarine amphibian has been created. This flying boat is actively used by the Russian sea aviation till now. By the plane 42 world records have been established.
Format: DIVX 5.0
It is shown proyears of Be-12 above water area of test base BERIEV Aircraft Company in Gelendzhik.
Time: 0 m 16 s
Size: 1,7 MB
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