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KORD heavy machine gun
The Kord heavy machine gun is designed to kill enemy personnel, light armoured materiel, weapons, and low-altitude air targets.
Format: MPEG
Shooting from modern Russian large-calibre 12,7 mm machine gun "Kord" on a warehouse of the petroleum products and the car.
Time: 0 m 22 s
Size: 3,73 MB
Shooting complex OC-14 "Thunder-storm"

Development of a complex "Thunder-storm" has been begun in December, 1992. And in a year the first experimental batch has been presented. For the first time to the broad audience of people the OC-14 has been demonstrated in 1994. The complex has a plenty of modifications.

Video data of telecast "Military science" (Russian channel "NTV").

Format: XVID
Small videodescription of this modern Russian weapon of anti-terror.
Time: 3 m 41 s
Size: 15,9 MB
Stechkin automatic pistol

Igor Jakovlevich Stechkin has brought the enormous contribution to development of Russian weapon affairs. To him was not and 30 years as the pistol of its design has been accepted on arms of Soviet Union... Stechkin automatic pistol (APS) - his main and most known creation in spite of the fact that it is one of most seldom meeting pistols. It was made in the limited amounts and never was on sale for foreign countries.

Video data of telecast "Military science" (Russian channel "NTV").

Format: XVID
On video the pistols designed by I.J. Stechkin: APS, "Dart", "Berdysh".
Time: 3 m 21 s
Size: 11,5 MB
Grenade launchers "Flame" and AGS-30

Grenade launcher "Flame" - something an average between a heavy machine gun and a mortar. This heavy grenade launcher has been accepted on arms of the Soviet army in the beginning of 1970th. In comparison with the American analogue it seem a fuzz. Its weight together with the machine tool and a sight makes 31 kg. The weapon has been made strictly secret...

Video data of telecast "Military science" (Russian channel "NTV").

Format: XVID
Grenade launcher AGS-30 also is shown on this video.
Time: 5 m 25 s
Size: 20,8 MB
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